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Core Competences




Special Project



I have recently completed the Master of Library Science Program at Southern Connecticut State University. This is my Capstone Portfolio and includes:

  • Core Competences, a presentation of coursework in the context of the American Library Association Core Competences for Librarianship; and American Association of School Librarians 2010 ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Programs for School Librarian Preparation.
  • Courses, a description of all courses, samples of coursework, and projects.
  • Reflections, a personal reflection of my MLS experience.
  • Resume, my current resume.
  • Special Project, a description and Final Report of the Special Project research requirement for graduation.

This portfolio is submitted to satisfy the requirements of the Special Project requirement and the course ILS 580 Research in Information and Library Science.


Rachel Bray at Conard High School Library, May 2010.