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Research studies on TOS was presented at the 6th Annual AACR Meeting "Frontiers in cancer Prevention Rersearch" in Philadelphia, PA on December 6, 2007 by Tasino Herbert, Herbert Potter and Dr S Crawford.




The cancer Biology Laboratory at Southern Connecticut State University was established ten years ago with a dual purpose:

A decade later and the goals remain the same. Along the way there have been many achievements:





The past several years have been enormously productive in our laboratory as these long-term studies have led to some important discoveries in our Cancer Biology Laboratory.




Group Photo

Lab members Tasino Herbert, Dr Crawford, Gayle Nobert and Herbert Potter


This is a confocal laser fluorescent image of a Tissue Organizing Structure (TOS) stained with acridine orange. The approximate size of these structures is 2 microns (1000X magnification).

TOS Acridine Orange

Our research has shown that these cell-derived structures play an important role in solid tumor formation, spread, intercellular contact, tissue organization, and gene transfer associated with tissue and cell morphogenesis. We have also documented potential therapeutic preclinical activities.