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This is an electronic clearinghouse of sorts for online English Education at Southern Connecticut State University. This site provides not only links to essential courses in English Education taught here at SCSU, but it also allows our friends on the web to sample the intellectual "wares" of SCSU's English Education program.

If you are a student and want to go to your class webpage, then simply click on the button to the left. If you are not a student, then feel free to browse the public files available on this site.

If you have any questions or comments for me, Chris Dean, the webmaster of this site, then you can contact via email at deanc1@southernct.edu.

Also, if you are currently in Education 490 and need a copy of the lesson plan template in Microsoft Word, click here.

Last updated 1-29-03

Web Resources of the Moment

Chris' Top Ten Lesson Planning Hints: A list of lesson plan hints for teachers.

Chris' Top Ten Unit Planning Hints: A set of unit planning hints for teachers.

Chris' Top Ten Poetry Resources: A list of poetry resources on the net.

Chris' Top Ten Lesson Plan Sites on the Web: A list of useful lesson plan sites.

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