Dr. Sean P Grace
Department of Biology
Southern Connecticut State University
Jennings Hall, Room 217, Fitch St.
New Haven, Connecticut 06515
Ph.: (203) 392-6216
Fax: (203) 392-5364
Email: graces2@southernct.edu

My general interest in biology is in the effect of water flow on species interactions at the community level.   My basic philosophy is that greater understanding in marine community ecology can be gained by examining the interaction between physical and biological factors at the individual level.  

At SCSU, my first research initiative would be an examination of intertidal and subtidal species interactions and the effects by physical processes (e.g. wave exposure, currents, temperature, and salinity) on these interactions.

I currently have two graduate students that are completing diverse projects in the marine sciences.   Please visit their link from this website to learn more about the research that currently takes place in my lab.