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Issues of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany from
Issue 1, Fall 1973 through Issue 61, Fall 2002
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Fall 2013--Issue 84
(edited by Kristin Czarnecki & Vara Neverow, this issue focuses on Woolf and animals)

Spring 2013--Issue 83
(edited by Emily Kopley & Sara Sullam, this issue focuses on Woolf and literary genre)

Fall 2012--Issue 82
(edited by Madelyn Detloff & Brenda Helt, this issue focuses on queer Woolf and queering Woolf)

Spring 2012--Issue 81
(edited by Diana Swanson, this issue focuses on ecological aspects of Woolf)

Fall 2011--Issue 80
(edited by Amy C. Smith and Isabel Isabel Mª Andrés Cuevas,
this issue focuses on Virginia Woolf and Spirituality)

Spring 2011--Issue 79

(edited by Gill Lowe, this issue focuses on Virginia Woolf and auto/biography)

Fall 2010--Issue 78

(edited by Kristin Czarnecki, this issue focuses on Virginia Woolf and nature)

Spring 2010--Issue 77

(edited by Maggie Humm, this issue focuses on copyright and intellectual property issues)

Fall 2009--Issue 76

(edited by Patrick Collier, this issue focuses on Woolf and periodicals)

Spring 2009--Issue 75

(edited by Elisa Sparks, this issue focuses on Woolfian aspects of gardens and parks)

Fall 2008--Issue 74

(edited by Thaine Stearns, this issue focuses on Woolf and photography)

Spring 2008--Issue 73

(edited by Madelyn Detloff, this issue deals with Woolf and pedagogies)

Fall 2007--Issue 72

(edited by AnneMarie Bantzinger, the theme of this issue is Leonard Woolf)

Spring 2007--Issue 71

(edited by Amanda Golden and Pamela St. Clair, this issue deals with resonances between Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath)

Fall 2006--Issue 70

(edited by Georgia Johnston, the focus of this issue is on "Woolf's subversions of
linguistic, stylistic, and literary tradition, of the nation,
patriarchy, and realism")

Spring 2006--Issue 69

(edited by Vara Neverow, the articles in this issue are miscellaneous)

Fall 2005--Issue 68

(edited by Mark Hussey, this issue is truly miscellaneous)

Spring 2005--Issue 67

(edited by Susan Wegener, the topic is Virginia Woolf's faux biography, Orlando)

Fall 2004--Issue 66

(edited by Jeanne Dubino, the issue theme is "Drafting, Editing, Revising")

Spring 2004--Issue 65

(edited by Debra Sims, the issue focuses on the theme "Woolf in the Archives")

Fall 2003--Issue 64

(edited by Merry Pawlowski, the issue focuses on the theme "adaptations")

Summer 2003--Issue 63

(edited by J.J. Wilson and Eileen Barrett, the issue is a special memorial publication honoring Lucio Ruotolo, one of the founding editors of the Miscellany)

Spring 2003--Issue 62

(edited by Vara Neverow, the issue includes commentaries on
Virginia Woolf and The Hours)