Leon Yacher

Office information

Department of Geography

Morrill Hall 118A
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06515-1355

Phone: 203-392-5825

Fax:     203-392-5833

email: yacher@southernct.edu

Fall 2008

Course being taught is:

Geo 101 - 3027
Introduction to Geography

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First day is: September 3

Once the semester starts office hours are right before or right after class or by appointment.

Gateway’s Address:
 41 17 20 N; 72 55 40

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Fall Semester COURSE MEETS:

3:45 - 6:40 PM
Main Building LW - 214

In case of class cancellation, the quiz/exam will be given the next scheduled class

Updated last on 12 September, 2008

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